Plantation Shutters & External Venetians

Premium Basswood Plantation Shutters

Exceptional craftsmanship our Bay View Shutters

They are made from premium basswood timbers from environmentally sustainable sources.  Designed to suit the Australian climate with the best grade material and coated with the latest technology. Our Basswood shutters are aerated to dry naturally and not processed in drying units, this ensures it has the right moisture content before manufacturing. Multiple sequence hand sanding with fine sandpaper & coat with high quality paint or stain & lacquer with the use of polyurethane with produces characteristics of hardness, strength, UV-resistance and colour retention.


Available in a range of louvre styles from Aerofoil or flat blade, sizes from 63mm, 89mm,114mm. Increase your view with panels up to 1100mm wide. Standard are hinged or fixed panels also available in Sliding & Bi-Fold track systems.  

Innovative curtains and blinds Bayview shutters can be manufactured to suit all window shapes, no matter how curved or angled, small or large. We can custom paint shutters to compliment your existing colour scheme.

5 Year warranty on our premium basswood.

Thermopoly Plantation Shutters

A stylish, elegant & valuable solution with hidden practicality


Made from Thermopoly - a poly-resin material - Thermo 25 Plantation Shutters provide excellent moisture resistance; making them perfect for use in bathrooms, kitchens and other high-humidity areas. 

With a slim, elegant, clean & smooth refined finish, Thermo25 Plantation Shutters provide and indulgent touch to any room.



25 year Warranty

Material Engineered to the latest technologies

Energy Efficient- 70% Better insulation than timber

Fire retardant – NFPA &)! Certified

Will not Absorb moisture – Suitable for wet areas

Safe from termites

Aluminium reinforced

Environmentally friendly

Innovative curtains and blinds plantation shutters are also available in Arch/circle windows

Hinged and Hinged Bi-fold

Standard hinged systems can consist of one or more shutter panels hinged in a variety of configurations. Single panels can be individually hinged or two panels may be hinged together from the frame in a Hinged Bi-Fold design.

Bi-fold on Track

Bi-Fold on track systems allow up to eight panels to be hinged together. Panels are connected to a top and bottom track, which both support the panels and guide their folding movements. Panels must be hinged together in multiples of two to enable them to operate within the bottom track.


Sliding on track system panels slide on top tracks to open and close. Sliding track System allows you to cover wide widths, and is a wonderful way to treat sliding doors to match the rest of your windows.

Aluminium Plantation shutters

A great product when protecting against weather and privacy. Control your light and view with the operable blades / fixed blades. Cover your windows for great curb appeal or bring the outside in with outdoor entertaining spaces. 

Available in a range of Aerofoil blade sizes from 63mm, 89mm.

Our guarantee for quality, durability selecting shutters with Innovative curtains and blinds will.

Motorised External Venetian Blinds


Innovative Curtains and Blinds External Venetian Blinds mean you can control daylight externally for your home or office. Fantastic heat protection and light control mean minimising on air conditioning bills and interior glaring.

Slats come both in flat and curved in 60, 70, 80, and 90mm. Features can be included such as rolled edges for extra stability/vibration.

The slat range come in a variety of contemporary colours and all finish with baked enamel for durability against the harsh Australian sun. 


Innovative Curtains and Blinds external Venetian blinds is powered by Somfy. 

Venetian slats can be raised, lowered and angled to the exact specifications for both light and heat control. Can also be raised fully up when not needed so you can still enjoy your unobstructed view.


  • UV Resistant components, lifting tapes and ladder cords for extended life in exposed environments

  • Extruded aluminium base rail profile for increased stiffness and rail weight

  • Extensive range of Slats to suit every application for both commercial and domestic

  • Precision Extruded Drive shaft for fine tilt control

  • Direct drive motor for increased performance and reliability

  • Integrated heavy duty side cable/guide attachment head for increased wind resistance

  • High grade stainless steel fixtures suitable for coastal environments

  • Optional extruded aluminium pelmets powder coated in Dulux range of colours 




  • Easyrise 5 year warranty

  • Width 700-5000mm

  • Maximum drop 5000mm

  • Available in a range of colours

  • Motorised operation

  • Remote control option

  • Automatic control with optional sun and wind sensor


Innovative Curtains and Blinds are proud to support Somfy motors, the world leaders in the design and supply of automation systems for window furnishings, for both domestic and commercial buildings. Somfy automation systems are designed to improve customer's comfort, security and energy efficiency by allowing them to automatically control the amount of sun and shade within their home and working environment. For more information on Somfy motors go to our Motorisation page.

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