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Innovative Curtains and Blinds manufactures the highest quality custom made curtains / Sheers to exact specification and achieving looks including traditional, modern, simple elegance and classic charm. Choosing the right curtain design and fabric helps to compliment your décor and reflects the mood and character you want to create in your home.  They are very effective in creating the right atmosphere and stimulating the senses. Curtains are an excellent source of providing insulation against extreme weather.

Innovative Curtains and Blinds we have large range of beautiful fabric collection from multiple fabric houses in our showroom. An extensive range featuring an abundance of plain modern textures, luxurious velvet, Stunning floral digital prints, embroideries to damask fabric

lightweight weaves sheers and semi sheers inspired by an assortment of natural components. Exquisite textures are created through a fusion of matt and metallic effect yarns in a diverse range of qualities and natural organic feel linens with a relaxed creased finish are also included in our collection. The supple natural quality of linen combined with a soft infusion of light evokes a sense of simple luxury.

Innovative Curtains and Blinds we can advise you on how to use accessories to give the perfect finish. You can keep it simple and create that clean, modernist style or you can be lavish and over top. Don't be afraid to experiment with colour and design. Let your imagination run wild to create an amazing outcome. Think outside the square!


                                                                     Save Energy & Money

                         Saving of up to 40% can be achieved by installing heavy, lined curtains 


Innovative Curtains and Blinds standard is loose lined – 3 pass suede colour ivory / white. Used continuously so no vertical joins. Unless the drop is greater than the lining, in which case this necessitates vertical joins.


Bumph lining

Bumph interlining is attached to the curtains main fabric at the side hems then attached to the heading along with the main to the lining to give as much fullness as possible. Innovative Curtains and Blinds recommend using bumph interlining on Silk / taffeta fabrics and light weight fabics.


Innovative Curtains and Blinds are proud to support Somfy motors, the world leaders in the design and supply of automation systems for window furnishings, for both domestic and commercial buildings. Somfy automation systems are designed to improve customer's comfort, security and energy efficiency by allowing them to automatically control the amount of sun and shade within their home and working environment. For more information on Somfy motors go to our Motorisation page.

Child Safety Devices


To comply with mandatory safety standards we supply child safety devices. The relevant device should be fixed to the wall, or architrave, to tension the chain or cord which reduces the risk of death or injury to young children.

Curtain Heading Types

Pinch Pleat

Pinch Pleat are pinched in-groups of two or three with spacing approximately 10cm apart. 

Inverted Pleat

The Inverted Pleat is otherwise known as a reverse pleat or box pleat and offers a contemporary look.


Gathered headings are the most basic curtain style of all. 

Pencil Pleat

A pencil pleat are something of a luxury. Pencil pleats give a luxurious and professional finish to pair of curtains.


Individual metal rings are punched through the fabric to make an Eyelet curtain. Eyelet sizes come in a 40mm internal diameter best suits a 25mm We supply a nickel plated steel eyelet as our standard. We also offer range of alternative colours: zinc, brass, antique brass, & black nickel.

Ripple Fold

Ripple fold is growing in popularity and is probably the most contemporary curtain style being used at present. Press stud heading tape shapes the fabric into neat and simple folds.

Tab top

Tab top curtains are one of the most straight forward ways of curtain heading styles. No hooks or rings are necessary. Instead, simple strips of fabric fold over the pole.

Goblet Pleat 


Goblet pleat are closely related to french pleats. The curve formed by the goblet gives a more rhythmical, less regimental finish.Cup are stuff with a piece of wadding.

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