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Maintenance & Repairs


We at Innovative Curtains & Blinds offer onsite repairs and maintenance to just about all window furnishings including motorisation. Our highly experienced technician will attend to the site to determine the best and most cost effective way to repair. We will try our best to have the product repaired onsite where possible. Alternatively we will send the product away to our warehouse to be repaired and return to install your repaired curtain or blind.

Feel free to contact our office on 1300 134 843 to discuss further. Our staff will gladly explain the process and associated cost.


Child Safety


There is nothing more important to Innovative Curtains & Blinds than the safety of its customers, particularly young children. Innovative Curtains & Blinds are especially mindful of the issues of child safety when it comes to window coverings. The loops of pull cords, chains and bead cords are a potential hazard to young children who may become entangled in them. 

It may only take a few seconds for a child to become entangled and it can happen when the cords are too long or end in a loop.  To avoid this possibility, Innovative will not install any products that are not fitted in accordance with the mandatory standard for Child Safety guidelines.

Because loose cords can very quickly tangle around a child’s neck and cause strangulation, we advise consumers to check their current window furnishings and fix all dangerous cords out of children’s reach. Parents and carers should keep their children away from all cords including moving all furniture, including cots and beds away from your window furnishings.

Download Child Safety PDF



Innovative Curtains & Blinds Parts, Product & Defects Warranty

To what products & to whom does this warranty against defects apply.

Period in which this warranty applies to the original purchaser only. Only if you purchase the products supplied by Innovative Curtains & Blinds. And installed by a recommended Innovative Curtains & Blinds technician only.

The benefits given to you by this warranty are in addition to any other consumer guarantees claim you may be entitled to make. Or if a component manufacturer offers its own warranty you may have additional rights.


What we will offer and how we honour our warranty


If a significant or cosmetic defect appears in your Innovative product within our warranty period which is stated below. We will either repair or replace our product with a new product at our choice. If we decide that a replacement is the best option. But the fabric chosen is not suitable. You will ned to re select a new fabric at the same value that is more suitable for this particular product. 

If you make a claim under this warranty as provided and within the time periods set out below.

What this warranty does not cover

For the clarity and purpose of this warranty, "defect" it does not include (and Innovative Curtains & Blinds will not repair or replace products where damage has been caused by: 

·       Claims by anyone but the original purchaser of the product

·       Normal wear and tear consistent with age

·       Damage or misuse, neglect, accident, unintended use, fire, explosions, implosion and/or any act of nature

·       Damage from sea salt spray or marine influences, severe industrial or corrosive environments

·       Normal shrinkage, fungal or algae growth due to a build-up of dirt, grime, leaves or bird matter, damage due to scrubbing or the use of a non-prescribed cleaning agent and contact with lead, copper or water run-off from same

·       Exposure to the elements (eg. sun damage) or discolouration over time

·       Exposure to high humidity resulting in mould & mildew or warping

·       Awnings are not to be left out in winds or rain, and should not be rolled up or down when wet as it may damage your awning

·       Modifications made by any person other than an Innovative Curtains & Blinds representative

·       Claims on products that were not paid for as per invoice

·       Products that have not been installed by an Innovative Curtains & Blinds qualified technician, or have been removed or re-installed

·       Cost of transporting products back to/from premises (if required)

·       Cost of any hired equipment for installations or services over 2 metres eg. lifts, scaffolding, extension ladders etc.

·       If more than 1 technician is required, due to heights or weights of product

·       Products exceeding our recommended dimensions

·       Rail-roaded or oversized blinds, as in normal circumstances they may not hang flat, may pucker along the bottom rail or a 'V formation' may occur, and a horizontal join may also be visible at the top section of the blind

·       Batteries are not covered under this warranty

·       The removal of the warranted products or the installation of the repaired or replaced products

·       Due to faulty fabrics or motors. You will be covered under the manufactures parts warranty. Labour charge will still apply.




The period in which the warranty applies


The warranty applies to defects which appear and which you notify Innovative Curtains & Blinds by the procedure below and within the warranty period stated below from the date of the installation


·       Sunway Cellular Shades (5) five years

·       Somfy Motors (5) five years

·       Soft furnishing manufacturing (3) three years

·       Soft furnishing fabrics, tracks and rods (1) one year

·       Imported shutters (3) three years

·       Imported external shutters (1) one year

·       Australian made cedar shutters (3) three years on finishes

·       (10) ten years on structural

·       Some components including cords, chains, cord lock, tilters and zips suffer wear and tear in the normal course of operation or through excessive use, such items carry a (1) one year warranty

·       A 1 year warranty is offered on installation.

·       A 1 year labour charge in the 1st year of purchase> not including the call out fee rate.

·       Call our office on 1300 134 843 for our service fees


Customers Responsibility


·       All furniture small or large near the area of installation needs to be cleared out of the way allowing access of ladders and tools. This is to minimise the possibilities of any damages to your items. Also, allowing our technicians the space needed to complete your installation in a timely matter.

·       If agreed and only if noted on your contract Innovative Curtains and Blinds will take down the existing window treatments. But we will not take them away.

·       On installation, be available for an explanation of the operation and maintenance of your new window coverings.

·       Caulking or sealing the gaps between your window covering and the window frame. In some cases, and this is a personal preference situation. Skylight blinds, plantation shutters and most full framed products installed inside the reveal. In most cases, there will be a gap as our products are made square, and we will measure and manufacture with a small deduction from the smallest point of the window. You may like to have this sealed. This is not a service offered by innovative Curtains and blinds and this has not been charged for. Therefore, this is your responsibility to outsource a contractor who can provide this service.


Delivery and installation date


·       The delivery and installation date provided is a estimate only. In the very rare case this date can be affected. By means out of Innovative Curtains and Blinds control. Delays in fabric, delays in manufacturing, loss in transit etc. in this extremely rare case. To minimise household disruption, we will update you on the progress with fabrication and liaise with you to coordinate convenient installation dates.

·       The scope of preparatory and installation work is specific to each site, we engage professional in house installers and accredited trades people to ensure quality work and regulatory compliance. We will test and commission each installed product, provide advice on warranties and guide you through the mechanical, electrical or wireless operation of each product.

·       We remove all packaging and waste material.



How you can make a claim under this warranty


·       Have proof of purchase ready in case it's needed

·       Your name, address and phone number

·       Include a reasonable description of the problem

·       Provide us with all other information we reasonably request eg. images, details of what's damaged

·       We will assess and process your claim, if any cost is payable by you; processing will not proceed until they have been paid



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